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Social Media Marketing Tips & Tricks

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Are you utilizing social media correctly in your business? Many people might be under the impression that all social media is the same. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Social media is an intricate puzzle. Knowing when to post, where to post and who to target can be a tricky guessing game if you don’t know what you’re doing or have a set strategy. If this sounds like you, then this post is for you. Our team has tracked down a few social media marketing tips & tricks to boost your social media presence and help you reach your desired audience and future followers.

At this point, you might be telling yourself that location, active time, and key demographics of your audience are microscopic details that aren’t worth your time or energy. The experts at Adobe would argue otherwise. An article written by the Adobe team in 2022, states 15 benefits of taking your social media presence seriously.

1.Improve your brand

2.Engage the audience

3.Promote customer service

4.Impact sales and conversion rates

5.Become a thought leader

6.Study the competition

7.Improve SERP presence

8.Boost website traffic

9.Attract top-of-funnel leads

10.Earn greater ROI

11.Retarget missed customers

12.Learn about your audience

13.Build partnerships

14.Keep up with industry trends

15.Acquire talent

We agree with Adobe (at least on this topic) and we hope that you do too. Now, where (what platforms) should you post in order to reach your target audience? It turns out that our team has determined one of the best ways to answer that question is to consider your content and desired outcomes. On average, when using Facebook/Meta, you will likely reach an older audience who responds better to articles and link attachments than other forms of content. When using Instagram and Twitter, you will find more engagement from a middle-aged demographic, typically ages 25-50 years old. So where do the younger crowds, ages 25 and below hang out? We have found that this audience is most commonly found on Snapchat and TikTok.

Finally, the last factor to consider is when to post. The team at Think516 would recommend avoiding posting directly on the hour or at any of the fifteen minute markers throughout the hour. This will help to separate your post from everyone else’s since most people use the recommended posting times and default posting times (ie: 9:00a, 5:30p, etc). Also, don’t be scared to dive into your platforms’ analytics to determine when key groups engage with your brand and exactly what audiences you’re reaching with what content.

Happy posting everyone!

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