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Adapting With Modern Marketing Solutions & A.I.

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Adapting With Modern Marketing Solutions & A.I.

With the growing representation and advancements of A.I., it leaves most of us wondering how long it will take for A.I. to take over a majority of our jobs. One example comes to mind when I think about A.I. taking jobs away from humans. I once watched a video that discussed how A.I. was now being installed in semi-trucks to allow the truck to drive itself. Although this may save that company money by allowing them to reduce wages, what do you think the risks are without having a driver in the vehicle? What if that vehicle broke down? Or even got into a wreck? Who would be there to talk to the other driver on the spot? To talk about insurance or even to calm the other driver down. These are all things to take into consideration.

With this being said, what other jobs are next? In marketing, we are already seeing A.I. becoming a big part of what we will see in the future. Some of the benefits we are expected to see with the addition of this new technology, according to an article from, we can expect to see more rapid turn around of content at a larger scale, language processing and automated engagements with clients. However, with every benefit there is usually a downfall. Machines are incapable of replacing the connection that humans have with one another, A.I. lacks creativity and can still continue to be wrong from time to time, according to a post on

Luckily, with the unpredictability of A.I. and the fact that marketing is a connection and emotion-based industry, A.I. is more likely to aid the production rates and retention of marketing agencies rather than take them away. A few ways that A.I. will aid marketing in the future includes: automated voice overs, a faster turnaround time on projects, automated social media posts and so much more.

The way I look at it, A.I. won’t be the end all be all for a decent period of time, but it is something that you should always keep in mind. The best thing to do to keep cash flowing and have job security is to think, “How can I adjust to this new and changing technology to maintain my necessity status?” Without this way of thinking new advancements and lack of awareness could be the thing to knock you off course.

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Written by: Jackie Bryant | Think516

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Apr 04, 2023

A.I. is progressing very quickly and is becoming an extremely useful (if properly managed) tool to small/medium businesses.

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